16-17 June 2021 | Virtual event


No-one has a definitive blueprint to solve the climate change crisis. It is a series of highly complex challenges involving every aspect of the council and the community it serves. LGC Climate Change is a highly focused event which will help you to connect with your peers and come up with solutions for your community. There is no shortage of innovative solutions from councils which will be shared in a collaborative and supportive environment.

The event’s sessions are in the process of being finalised and will include:

  • Expert speakers, facilitated discussions and sessions sharing best practice which that you can implement in your area
  • Panel discussions on how you can work in partnership and harness the public’s commitment
  • Insight on the findings from the UK’s first climate assembly which you can use to inform your decisions
  • Evidence on how the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic have had an impact on climate change
  • Academic studies, sharing the methodology and metrics on climate change so you know how your organisation is making a difference
  • Insight on how you can use your investments to tackle the climate emergency
  • Highly participative discussion sessions so you can share your challenges and solutions with your peers
  • Practical case studies including what went wrong, how to address this and how you can replicate local innovations

LGC Climate Change is taking place on 16 and 17 June 2021, book your place today:


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