16-17 June 2021 | Virtual event


LGC Climate Change will enable councils to lead the climate change and sustainability agenda within their area. Now is the time to focus on practical solutions and learn from those implementing innovative ideas. This virtual event across two mornings will enable local authorities to build better ways of delivering core services that achieve the climate change agenda in their area.

Sponsoring the virtual event provides your organisation with the opportunity to engage directly with your target audience, benefit from the reach of a multi-channel targeted marketing campaign and raise the profile of your organisation.

What does a virtual event mean to a sponsor?

  • A digital event combines common benefits of physical events and content marketing campaigns
  • A virtual event sponsorship package should enable you to meet your primary marketing and business development objectives, including:
    • Network and build relationships, 1-to-1 interactions with target attendees
    • Maintain brand presence and authenticity in your key markets
    • Establish thought leadership and decisive influence
    • Generate leads, generate revenue
    • Demonstrate value and measure return-on-investment

How does the sponsor experience differ at a digital event?

  • The virtual event offers a longer, more sustained engagement with the audience, before during and after the event, for a month or more
  • Recycling content marketing assets from your own website can give new life to older materials and the event in turn produces yet more great content for your ongoing use
  • It is easy to search for and identify target audience members using match-making tools, both at the event and in particular conference sessions
  • You are free to approach and to communicate with attendees on the platform, and it is equally convenient to take a conversation away to a private online space
  • Reach an engaged audience ready to be seamlessly converted into digital subscribers, social followers, or CRM-ready contacts, all immediately GDPR compliant for ongoing communications
  • A digital event can remove many of the risks of a physical event by not being contingent on everything taking place at one-time, in one-place and in one timeline
  • You control everything: success is in your hands, it only relies on activity and positivity, not legacy and reputation

To discover more about the packages and align your organisation with the work councils and providers are doing to create real change, please contact:

Lucy McPhail
T: 020 3953 2435
E: Lucy.McPhail@emap.com 

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